The most sustainable clothes we have are the ones already in our wardrobes. This means that styling with what we have rather than buying new is the best option. To use what you have, you might have to get a bit creative sometimes, but you know what, that's the fun part. I believe style is individual and a way of expressing who you are. However, style shouldn't come at the cost of the planet or people.

11 million items of clothing is thrown away. Each week. That is unsustainable.

Buying secondhand, upcycling old favourites, renting or borrowing are great options if you want to have a more eco-friendly wardrobe. There are also many fabulous brands that have adopted a circular fashion model, meaning they will take care of the garment when you have finished with it. 

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Make your closet feel exciting and fresh again without buying a thing. If you are feeling lost in your own wardrobe, try rediscovering it with a closet coach and you will look at your clothes with new eyes.

DISCLAIMER - When you Simplify Your Closet you will:

SAVE MONEY. When your wardrobe is organised it's so much easier to plan outfits, no more last-minute buys on your way to work. You know what you have so you won’t buy duplicates.

HAVE MORE TIME when getting dressed. You know what goes together and how to mix and match. Hours and hours trying things on will only be a memory.

FEEL MORE INSPIRED by the clothes you had all along. My struggle is not that I have NOTHING to wear, I want to wear everything!

REALISE THAT LESS IS MORE. Take away the clutter, all the items you were never using and you will be left with what you need and really like.

WANT TO TAKE BETTER CARE of what you have. You will want to mend when it's broken, de-bobble when necessary. Your clothes will become your friends.


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