I am Kaiza Barbour.

Having worked for places such as Harvey Nichols and Scandinavian retailers, I have learned many tricks on how to style an outfit in a simple yet very effective way. No, it’s not about the price tag or the number of clothes you own, in fact, I will show you how a simplified closet really can be better. My own closet is made up from a variety of second hand, vintage and “new to me” clothes with some investment pieces and high street basics.

I am all about individual style, not fashion for all.

When I worked as a wedding planner and event coordinator, stilettos and pencil skirts were my happy go-to clothes. Since having my two boys, the tailored outfits have had to give way for more practical pieces. This however, does not mean that I have to dress in less uplifting clothes. Of course, some days jeans and a t-shirt is the perfect outfit for playing with cars on the floor, but putting on a pair of earrings and a nice belt makes me feel as though I am not just a pretending racing car driver, I am Kaiza too. 

Come join the fun!

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